The Forgotten Map: Pie Rats Book 1

The Forgotten Map: Pie Rats Book 1

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Written and illustrated by Dr Cameron Stelzer.

Paperback. 272 pages with black and white maps and sketches. Suitable for middle to upper primary school ages.

Whisker is a cyclone-surviving circus rat with a troublesome tail and a boat load of luck. When a strange ship pulls him out of the ocean, Whisker’s new life as a Pie Rat apprentice begins.

Welcome aboard the good ship Apple Pie – a peculiar pastry ship where cannons shoot mouldy pies, coloured pencils are used as peg-legs and the champion swords-rat fights with two scarlet scissor swords.

The Forgotten Map is the first instalment in the Pie Rat Novel series for children aged 8 +. The book re-boots the popular Pie Rat characters and adds depth, charm and wit to transform them from villains to swashbuckling heroes. Fast moving passages of text take the reader on an adventure where danger and humour intertwine in true pirate fashion. With maps, diagrams and character sketches, the book retains the visual element of Cameron's picture books.