The King's Key: Pie Rats Book 2

The King's Key: Pie Rats Book 2

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Written and illustrated by Dr Cameron Stelzer.

Paperback. 240 pages with black and white maps and sketches. Suitable for middle to upper primary school ages.

Whisker is a Pie Rat apprentice with an appetite for danger and a flair for lucky escapes. Aboard the good ship Apple Pie, he goes from one catastrophe to the next quicker than the time it takes to raise a pair of giant underpants up the mast!

With the mysterious Forgotten Map in his possession, Whisker embarks on the next stage of his quest to find the missing key.

Together with his friends, Ruby Rat and Hook Hand Horace, Whisker must overcome a host of jungle dangers and outsmart the deadliest of enemies to claim the key.